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This won't be a typical blog that's just a list of our recent video work. Here we'll try something a little different by answering some of the most common questions we receive and provide insight into what you should be looking for when searching for the perfect videographer for your wedding day!

Five Questions Your Future Wedding Videographer Will Love to Answer

We get asked a LOT of questions throughout the capture of a wedding day. Some are of genuine curiosity like "What kind of camera is that?" [it's a Sony FS5] or "What the hell is that thing?!" [it's a gimbal, and it keeps the image smooth as butter].

However, there are sometimes questions that we're approached with on our first call or meeting that have all the telltale signs of being fed from friends or family members "Who know a thing or two" about video. While it's awesome to be informed about the differences of 4K resolution and 1080 (hey, that's our job!), what's even better is to know the overall mood and aesthetic of your wedding film before we even shoot it.

Here are a handful of questions that are helpful for both of us to figure out and we absolutely love answering beforehand:

  • What will be your approach to telling our story?
    This is a great question to ask outright because a good wedding videographer would have the answer on the tip of their tongue. As for us, we like to get to know you: that first phone call or meeting, for us, very much determines if we have the right chemistry. If we get to the next stages we want to hear your engagement story, if the venue is of any particular significance to you, and so much more.
  • How long have you been a wedding videographer?
    We all have to start somewhere, but the ideal candidate to capture one of the most important days of your life should have a fair amount of experience in the field. Most of us started second shooting for other companies and videographers for years before we took on our own projects. In fact, it'll be nine years for us this upcoming summer. Wow.
  • How long will it take to receive my finished film?
    It seems like everyone knows a person with a horror story about it taking a year or longer to receive their finished video. That is absolutely unacceptable in our eyes. We're honestly as excited to share our hard work as you are to watch it, so we always strive to have the finished product delivered within 6-9 weeks.
  • Can we use [Famous Song Name] by [Famous Recording Artist] in our video?
    We have several places where we source our music from, ranging from $49 to $299 per track depending on what best matches the mood of the film. Unfortunately, without the proper licensing in place, we simply can't justify tossing a hit song into the background of one of our videos. Not only is it illegal, but it's also a crutch that can sometimes hide sloppy editing. If we've booked your wedding and filmed it, there's a great chance we're well aware of your taste in music. We got you!
  • How many cameras will you be using? —OR— Will you have a second shooter?
    This is a big one, and it really comes down to personal preference on your part. Videographers that shoot with a single camera are searching for those beautiful moments that happen throughout the day and creating, usually, just a highlight film. The thing about that approach that gives us heart palpitations is that if you miss the shot, it's done and gone. Videographers with two cameras (or a second shooter) are going for an almost documentary-like approach by having a wide "safe" angle to fall back on in the event of missing the main shot due to focus or lighting issues. Some of the most beautiful films we've seen have been filmed by solo videographers with a single camera, but we prefer to have either a backup angle or two very capable filmmakers onsite.

We hope this helps you find your ideal wedding videographer, the person who will give you a beautiful wedding film you can share with your friends and family!