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This won't be a typical blog that's just a list of our recent video work. Here we'll try something a little different by answering some of the most common questions we receive and provide insight into what you should be looking for when searching for the perfect videographer for your wedding day!

Personal Wedding Touches: It’s In the Details

One thing we love about the weddings we film: each one is unique, with details that showcase each couple’s individual taste. From Old City hotels to state park mansions to Cape May beaches, we’ve filmed it all, and it’s the little details where a couple’s tastes can really shine through. Especially when it comes to guest books.

Your wedding video is the ultimate highlight reel of the most important moments of your day. Your guestbook is the written record of all the important people you shared that day with. As the visual storytellers we are, we have some thoughts for turning your wedding guestbook into a keepsake that tells the story of your special day as timelessly as your wedding video will, and in a way that’s all your own.

For the Bibliophiles


If you’re the type of couple to cozy up with classic literature instead of Netflix and chilling, swap the traditional guestbook for a literal book. Leave it open to your favorite passage, or let guests leaf through and pen their wishes throughout the pages.

For the Audiophiles


Music can define our moments—we should know, as we carefully craft the soundtrack for each wedding video we produce. If music defines your relationship, scout out your favorite album on vinyl for your friends and family to sign. After your wedding, frame it along with the album artwork or pick up a clockmaking kit at your local craft store to convert it into a keepsake timepiece.

Get Interactive With It


There’s no wedding rule that says you must have a guestbook, and pictures are worth a thousand words (or signatures?). Give your guests a different way to mingle and make memories by setting up a photo booth with an instant camera. It can be as simple or as Pinterest-worthy as you like—it’s quick and easy to make a backdrop with PVC pipe and a big piece of fabric. Grab some silly, fun accessories from a dollar store or browse Etsy for a more bespoke appeal. Set out an instant camera with a sign inviting your guests to take a picture for themselves and leave one for you, too. 

Solicit Some Advice

Your wedding celebrates your love for one day, but your marriage is forever. The friends and family surrounding you on that day have decades of marriage and relationship experience among them. Instead of remembering your guests by their signatures, remember them by their words. Stack index cards on each table and invite people to write their favorite piece of relationship wisdom on each card. Or a favorite recipe for when you’re both too tired to cook. Or a quote or song that reminds them of your relationship. Read through them all on your first anniversary while you’re noshing on that top tier of your wedding cake.

Adding personal flair to your wedding day doesn’t have to be extravagant. The simplest touches can make the biggest statements and create an experience you and your guests will treasure forever.